experience design

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We create light, effortless designs
build apps on a solid foundation
swipe away the jargon
Rely on us as partners you can trust
Understand your options
Prioritize your business goals
Build an ecosystem where life can flourish
You know what to do next...
...stop staring and contact us
We can tackle your known unknowns
We can simplify your complexity
We can tidy your messy analytics
and enhance usability
inviting interaction
defining a visual language
Most importantly, we can solve your problem
Put the pieces back together
We create an accurate picture of your users
guide them towards their goals
bring life to your brand
and generate memorable, beautiful experiences
We increase your bottom line
funnel users towards conversion
identify your gaps and fill them
Make results-driven choices
Create award-winning content
Invite the right kind of people to the party
Earn your users' respect and dedication
and scale gracefully with your audience
Move between social media with confidence
eliminating doubt

About us

Plastic Past is a boutique interaction design consultancy. We offer strategy, user experience design, visual design, and development services for a wide variety of clientele who require a tailored approach. Our specialty is reducing the friction between users' needs and business goals through creative use of technology.

We design and build experiences for any platform: desktop, tablet, mobile, kiosk, and custom prototypes.